Floor Tiles, Glass Tiles and Tumbled Stone
In addition to the standard satin finish ceramic tiles we also make beautiful floor tiles, glass tiles and tumbled stone tiles.

The floor tile finish is non slip and has a slight texture, very similar to a shiny orange peel. The surface is hard as nails and is appropriate for any high traffic residential or commercial floor. This is also the tile we recommend for countertops and tabletops that requires a surface that will hold up to heavy use.

Glass tiles are a clear tempered glass with the image fired on to the back of the tile, the effect is quite striking and very unique. Really great for floors and countertops.

The tumbled stone tiles are great with images that work well with a distressed look such as Baroque, Old World images , wine labels ect.. You can see the vein structure and the minor discoloration's of the stone through the image. Great for bars and old world decor.

The floor tiles, glass tiles and tumbled stone are a bit more expensive than the standard ceramic tiles. If you are interested in any of these options just give us a call before you place your order. 1-888-829-3667

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