Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own picture to have a tile mural made?
You bet, we do lotís of custom work.

Is there any limit to the size a tile mural can be made?
No limit. We will make your project as large as you want. The only thing that can limit the size of a project is the size and quality of your artwork or photograph. If you have something big you need done you have come to the right place.

Can I send you a digital file to work from ?
Yes, we can work from your digital files. This is something we would need to visit about before hand as each situation is unique. We would discuss the size, file type, etc.... Easy though! We do it all the time.

Can I use these tiles outdoors ?
Yes and no. If you want to mount them outdoors on a surface that would have heavy sun exposure we wouldnít recommend it. The accelerated UV testing that has been done ( simulating Florida sun ) shows some fade, not a lot but some, after 2 years.

You can spray clear coats on the tiles that will give some added protection guard against fade. If you want to mount them outdoors, say on a wall which will not have direct sun exposure or might even have a overhanging roof that will provide some shade, thatís ok no problem there. However, direct sun exposure will show some fade after 18 - 24 months.

Do you do memorial photo tiles for headstones ?
We have done headstones for clients but with no guarantees.
Please read the question above... Can I Use These Tiles Outdoors?

Will my tiles ever fade after I have them installed in my kitchen or bathroom ?
Absolutely not. Exposed to indoor fluorescent or incandescent lighting will not cause the tiles to fade even after years and years.

Do you offer other types of finishes or tiles ?
Yes we do. On request we can do a "Hard Matte" finish which is harder and rougher than the satin gloss and the colors come out somewhat muted in comparison. We can also do all of our stock images and your custom work on "Tumbled Italian Marble" tiles. Sometime in the next year we will be offering these as a stock option.

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