Below Are Instructions For Care And Installation Of Our Tiles

Use non abrasive cleansers only such as tilex, glass cleaner or denatured alcohol.
Do not use strong chemical cleaners such as muratic acid or acetone.


Mosaic tile sets are numbered and marked for layout left to right and top to bottom. 1/16 in. grout lines are recommended to maintain image perspective. Use silicone grouts as standard tile grouts are very abrasive and can scratch the tiles if you trowel the grout in. Use denatured alcohol or glass cleaner for clean up.

Do not use strong chemicals such as muratic acid or acetone as they will destroy the polymer overglaze on the tile. If you are incorporating TILEMAGIC tiles into your tile project you can use standard grouts, simply set your tiles and carefully grout them in or you can trowel the grout in if you mask off the tiles first. Use denatured alcohol to clean up the tape residue.

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