At Sierra Custom Design We Are Dedicated To Bringing Our
Customers The Highest Quality Of Service That We Possibly Can!
Sierra Custom Design is located in the
beautiful Owens Valley on the east side of the
Sierra Nevada Mountains.

We offer Custom Art & Photo Ceramic Tile as
a new and beautiful medium for fine art and
photographic imagery.

The visual impact of art works and
photographic images reproduced as a tile
mural or single decorative tile is truely
stunning. Motifs, images and design elements
are only limited by your imagination.

In addition to our standard satin finish ceramic tile we also reproduce your art or our stock images on
Floor Tiles, Glass Tiles and Tumbled Stone.

How about incorporating your treasured
photos or childrens art work into a tile project
to tell a story?

Decor ideas include kitchens, baths, tabletops,
floors and wall coverings. We have many stock
images to choose from in our
Online Tile Shop.

We have no quarell with our competitors who
sell their product and services for less, after all, they know what their efforts are worth.

We do specialize in custom pieces. Starting with your photograph, negative, slide or art print
of any size, your image is digitized and sized to your project requirements.

We then digitally reproduce it using concentrated heat activated dyes and apply it to the tile with a
pressurized heat process that actually bakes the image into a hard polymer overglaze on the tile.
The finished tiles are both durable and fade resistant.

Tiles are produced with a Beautiful Satin Finish .

Many sizes are available including standard 4 and 6 in. tiles.
We also image 6x8, 8x10, 8 and 12in. tiles.

Our clientele includes professional photographers, artists, interior designers and tile setters.

References are available upon request.

Give us a call at 1-888-829-3667 and let us help you with your ideas!

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